La lessive Soak

Soak laundry detergent

A few words about the Laundry Soak brand...

Soak is a laundry detergent brand specializing in delicate cleaning of fragile clothing and textiles. Launched in 2003, this Canadian brand offers a range of eco-friendly, rinse-free products designed to care for your most precious items. Soak products are ideal for lingerie, swimwear, delicate lingerie, knitwear and more.

Soak's identity is based on simplicity and efficiency. Their gentle, fabric-safe formula helps preserve the texture, color and softness of your clothes, while cleaning them thoroughly. Soak stands out for its environmentally friendly approach by using biodegradable ingredients and favoring sustainable packaging.

Soak's values ​​boil down to durability, quality and respect for clothing. The brand is committed to providing high-quality products that extend the life of your favorite clothing, reducing environmental impact by promoting sustainability. Soak also encourages a conscious approach to consumption, inviting customers to adopt gentle and sustainable cleaning practices to preserve their clothes and reduce their ecological footprint.

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