On vous parle de la tendance des Sans-Armature

We tell you about the No-Underwire trend

What are the reasons why you will find more and more wireless bras in your Eve Boutique Besançon store?

The characteristics of the wireless bra


The invention of the bra without underwire dates back to 1913, when Mary Phelps decided, using a handkerchief, a ribbon and a pin, to create what we now call the “modern bra”.

If you've ever worn one, you probably know that it has several advantages.
One of them is comfort. In fact, its shape is more flexible and more pleasant to wear. It is also considered to be the most comfortable shape on the market.

In our store, we regularly recommend this shape to our customers because it easily adapts to body shapes. It is a feminine model, which highlights all breasts. To acquire the most beautiful virtue: having confidence in yourself and yourself
affirm !

In addition, this form of lingerie can be adopted for all activities: such as sport for example. The underwires are surprisingly very useful because they facilitate the execution of the

Be careful, the bra without underwire still has some disadvantages…

Although there are brands that offer bras without underwire for large cup sizes ( see our selection ) The bust support, for example, is moderate and might not be suitable for women looking for a bra with a good support.

Furthermore, if you are looking for a bra that rounds out your breasts, you will certainly prefer bras with underwires and cups. Indeed, the absence of underwires accompanies the curve of the breasts, but does not modify it.

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Why is it coming back into fashion?

In 2022, the new fashion trend is “chic and comfortable”. A trend that also applies to the world of lingerie. Furthermore, we are looking for a “natural and authentic” appearance, the push-up, for example, is less and less in demand among 15-25 year olds.
Today we are witnessing a change in consumer trends with wire-free bras at the top of the sales charts. We can even say that it was young people’s “favorite” piece for the year 2022!

Indeed, it offers us a natural curve of the chest, a feeling of lightness and a variable appearance. Without underwire can be sporty, cute (for your children's first lingerie), sexy, glamorous,
delicate, etc.

For this, lingerie uses plays on materials, transparency, various shades of color...

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What are the reasons why you will find more and more bras without underwire?

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