Comment choisir la taille de son soutien-gorge ?

How to choose your bra size?

Choosing the right bra size is essential to achieve optimal comfort and effective support.

Here, in our opinion, are the steps to follow to determine your bra size:

  • Measure your chest measurement (just under the bust) using a tape measure. Make sure the tape measure is straight and at the same height all around your body.
  • Write down your measurement in centimeters. If the number is odd, round it up to get an even number.
  • Use the underbust measurement to determine your band size using the following conversion chart:

  • Then measure your chest measurement at the fullest point, usually at the nipple level.

  • Write down your measurement in centimeters.
  • Use this measurement to determine your cup size using the difference between your bust measurement and your underbust using the following chart:

For example, if your underbust measurement measures 80 cm and your chest measurement measures 95 cm, you can choose a bra size 90 C.

PLEASE NOTE: It is important to note that the method above cannot be perfectly precise, which is why we advise you to come to the store so that our advisors can give you your bra size.

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